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Library Card (Red)

Kindle Ebooks (Overdrive)

Kindle devices require a PC or MAC to download books.



  • Write down or print these instructions as a reference until you get familiar with the process.
  • Start your book search here from your PC or MAC: Overdrive website. [If you're at home you can type in http://nassau.lib.overdrive.com directly in your web browser]
  • Choose your book and click either Add to Cart to download it or if it's not available at the moment click Place Request to reserve it.
  • If you did click Place Request, you can now exit and wait for an email informing you it's available for download.
  • If you did click Add to Cart you can then click Proceed to Checkout and proceed below.
  • Pick your library from the list.
  • Type in your barcode from the back of your library card.
  • Click Get for Kindle.
  • Click Get Library Book. Be aware that a new internet browser window opens up (sometimes behind the overdrive window hidden.) Click on this new we page and sign in with your Amazon.com account if you are not already logged in. (If you still can't see the amazon signin page then make sure your pop-up blocker is off. We can't provide instructions to turn off a pop-up blocker because there are many programs that do this in different ways. You might have to use a google search or other means to find out how to disable your popup blocker)
  • Turn on your kindle and check your book shelf for this new library book.
  • If your Kindle says no Wi-Fi is available, read Amazon's instructions for transferring files via USB.
* Click here for a video tutorial