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Our Library Circulation Policy

Adopted by the Board of Trustees March 17, 1991

Amended March 17, 1998, Amended October 17, 2001, Amended March 13, 2002, Amended April 23, 2002, Amended July 3, 2002, Amended October 16, 2002, Amended June 9, 2003, Amended July 2, 2003, Amended February 25, 2004, Amended March 17, 2004, Amended October 27. 2004, Amended November 18, 2004, Amended February 17, 2005, Amended June 20, 2007, Amended December 19, 2007,  

I.  Library Cards and Borrowing Privileges


A.  Residents


The Plainedge Public Library issues Library cards without charge to residents of the Plainedge Union Free School District.  Applicants must verify residency with proper identification.  We require 2 forms of proper identification listing your current address. Library cards, issued to District residents, are valid for three years and entitle patrons to Direct Access privileges at other libraries within the Nassau Library System in accordance with the Code of Procedures as set forth by the member libraries of the Nassau Library System. This code provides for the borrowing of books and other materials throughout the Nassau Library System by all borrowers with a valid Library card issued by any member of the Nassau Library System. 


B.  Children’s Library Cards


Children residing within the Plainedge School District may obtain a Library card at any age. However, a parent or guardian must sign the application for a child’s Library card. By doing so, the parent or guardian accepts full responsibility for all Library materials borrowed on the card. A parent may also request adult Library borrowing privileges for his/her child.  This privilege will be indicated on the child’s card. Cards issued to children are valid up to the fifth grade.  An adult card will be issued to children entering the sixth grade.


C.  Non-Resident Taxpayers


Library cards may also be issued to non-residents who own property within the Plainedge School District and have proper proof of payment of Library taxes.  Such family cards shall be valid for one year and have the same Direct Access and borrowing privileges as those issued to residents.


D.  Business Owners and Their Employees


The owners and operators of businesses within the boundaries of the Plainedge Union Free School District are welcome to use the resources of the Plainedge Library.  A letter of authorization with the company letterhead and signed by an officer of the company must be submitted.  This officer shall be responsible for all lost and damaged materials charged out with this courtesy card.  This card will be issued for one year and does not have Direct Access privileges.


E.  Non-Residents


Library cards will not be issued to non-residents.  State Mandated Access Cards, which are issued to non-taxpayers through the East Meadow or Levittown Libraries will be honored as Direct Access (out-of-district) patrons.


F. Students


Non-resident students who attend schools within the boundaries of the Plainedge School District may be issued Library cards.  Students’ cards are valid for one year and entitle the student to borrow books and other Library materials from the collection of the Plainedge Public Library only. 


G.  Resident Homes


Persons who reside in special residency homes within the Plainedge School District may be issued a Library card after proof of residency is established.  Resident Homes cards must be signed by the Director of the resident home.


H.  Teachers


The Board of Trustees recognizes the valuable contribution of teachers in meeting the educational needs of students who attend both public and private schools within the confines of the Plainedge School District.  Teachers in both public and private schools in the Plainedge School District who live in Nassau County may use library cards from their home libraries.  Those teachers who do not live in Nassau County will be issued a Library card for one school year after proof of employment as a teacher in the Plainedge School District is established.  Such cards entitle the borrower to materials in the Library’s collection.  However, a teacher’s card is invalid for Direct Access privileges.  Compact Discs, videos, and cassettes may be borrowed for classroom use.  The same policies, procedures and rules regarding due dates, loan periods, fines and fees that apply to the general public also apply to materials borrowed by teachers for classroom use.


I.  Borrowing Privileges for Each Category of Patrons of the 

    Plainedge Public Library


Borrowing Privilege


*District Teacher

*District Student

*Business Operator


*Direct Access

State Mandated Access Cards







Audio-Visual Material


Yes for classroom use


Limited Yes

Yes (limited)







Inter-Library Loan






Direct Access






Reserve Books


No except school librarians









II.  General Procedures for Obtaining a Library Card


A.  Applicants for Library cards must provide two (2) forms of identification with a valid address. Those applying for Library card privileges as district employees, students or non-resident taxpayers must also provide two forms of identification with a valid address.


Acceptable forms of proof include, but are not limited to, driver’s license, insurance cards, car registration, mortgage, lease/rental agreements, business cards, tax bill, utility or phone bill with a recent postmark.  Post Office boxes are not sufficient proof of residence.


B.  A parent who requests a Library card for their child, must sign the Library card application and accept responsibility for all Library materials borrowed on the child’s card.  The Library will not issue cards to children without parental permission and verification of address.


C.  Students in the 6th grade may apply for an adult card and have full access to the adult book collection. They may  borrow audio visual materials, DVDs, cassettes and software with parental permission.  Students may use parental proof of residence or a previously issued valid Plainedge Library card as proof of residence. Children and young adults may borrow up to 5 CDs at one time.


D.  Library cards will not be issued or renewed for persons with outstanding overdues or fines or without sufficient proof of residence.  Patrons must clear their accounts in full before being issued a new or renewed card. Library cards will not be issued or renewed to a parent who has signed an application for a child’s Library card that has outstanding overdue materials or fines in excess of $3.00 until the child’s account is cleared.


E.  The fee for replacement of a lost or stolen Library card is 50 cents for the first card and $1.00 for each subsequent replacement.





III.  Direct Access


A.  Since it is the responsibility of the Plainedge Public Library to reimburse other libraries for lost, damaged, or unreturned materials that are obtained by inter-library loan or that are borrowed on Direct Access, the Library cannot extend this privilege to anyone other than residents and non-resident taxpayers.


B.  Borrowers with cards from other Nassau libraries with “Direct Access” indicated on the card have the same privileges as residents except that the following may not be charged out on Direct Access cards:


New Videos, new DVDs or new Books on Tape

(less than 6 months in the Library collection)


Older Compact Discs (more than 6 months in the collection) may be borrowed by out-of-district patrons.


C.  Direct Access borrowers are not eligible to apply for inter-library loan materials through the Plainedge Library.  Requests must be placed through their home library.  Reserves and requests will not be taken from Direct Access patrons.


IV.  Fines and Fees


(Adopted by the Board of Trustees, February 22, 1995,

Amended March 9, 2004, Amended June 9, 2003, Amended November 18, 2004, Amended February 17, 2005)


A.  The following fines shall be charged for materials returned after the date due:

                     Item                                                Fine  (per item)                                          

Adult and YA  Books/Magazines       .10 per day/maximum fine $5.00

Juvenile Books/Magazines               .05 per day/maximum fine $5.00

VHS Tapes & DVDs                         $2.00 per day/maximum fine $10.00

Audio Books                                         .10 per day/maximum fine $5.00

Tools                                                 $2.00 per day/maximum fine $10.00                             CDs                                                       .25 per day/maximum fine $10.00

Toys                                                      .05 per day/maximum fine $5.00

 B.  Senior citizens will be charged fines on overdue 14 day or new 28-day books, all videos and all audio-visual materials, periodicals and magazines. As a courtesy for seniors, no fines will be charged for older overdue books.


C.  Patrons whose fines exceed $3.00 or who have failed to return overdue Library materials after the second notice, will have their  borrowing privileges suspended.


D.  Borrowers will be required to pay the repair or replacement costs, as determined by the Library for all lost or damaged material.


E.  When the Library is closed, borrowers may return books in the book depository located in the front of the Library.  Videos and Books on Tape may not be returned in the book drop but returned to the Circulation Desk.   DVDs and CDs may be returned in the DVDs outside drop box when the Library is closed.


V.  Vacation Loan


During the months of July and August, older fiction and non-fiction (more than 1 year) may be borrowed for extended loan periods and must be returned by the fourth Friday in September.

VI.  Reserves and Inter-loan


Books may be reserved by Plainedge School District residents only.  There is a 25 cent postal charge per reserve, and a 25 cent postal charge for each inter-library loan request. There is no charge for electronic reserves or interloans  There is a limit of 12 reserves per Library card.  Videos, compact discs and periodicals may not be reserved. Books on cassette (audio books) may be reserved.


VII.  Magazines and Periodicals


The recent issue of periodicals, magazines and journals will remain on reference until the new issue is received at which time the previous edition will be available for a 7-day loan. Out-of-district patrons may not borrow periodicals, magazines or journals.




Adopted by the Board of Trustees December 19, 2007


Circulate 28 days.


10 cents per day, per item, overdue fine $5. per item, maximum fine.


Head sets for Playaway Audio Books $1.


Limit of two per Library card.


New Playaways, less than 6 months in collection, may not be borrowed by out-of-district patrons.



Amended by the Board of Trustees November 18, 2004


$2.00 for the 1st page


$1.00 for each page 2 - 10


                   $2.00 for each additional page after page 10


                   $.50 per page for Toll Free Numbers


                   NO INTERNATIONAL FAXES