Temple Annex Kindergarten 1959
JHWest 1960 Grade 1 Mrs. Kaplan
John H. West Grade 3 Mrs. Doyers
Plainedge kindergarten, 1948, old schoolhouse, teacher is Theresa Whitney. First row left to right: 2nd seat is Doug Whitney, son of teacher Theresa Whitney, 4th seat is Janet Mohlenhoff, daughter of donor, Sth seat is Duncan Briggs. Second row left to right: Robert Mihan, Eileen Suhr, Starke, remainder unidentified.
Fifth or sixth grade of Plainedge school about 1929, on grounds of school. Front row left to right: Selma Yankee, Frankie Hicks, Ruth Thompson. Second row: Dorothy Schwartz feger, Elsie Yankee, Madeline Schoomaker. Top row: Harry Reilly, William Selzner, Henry Suhr, Patsy (Ciello)  Walter Miller, Eddie Starke.
Plainedge 1st grade 1945, in rented classroom, St. Christopher's Chapel Two room schoolhouse experiencing overcrowding. Daughter of donor Carol Mohlenhoff is seated in front of teacher Edith Hammer at desk. Standing is Ruth Thompson Mohlenhoff who provided lunch for the class using the Chapel's kitchen. Mrs. Thompson remembers opening the school and supervising the children when Miss Hammers's train was delayed. Teacher commuted from the Bronx. Robbie Starke is seated at front desk on left.
Plainedge school students and two teachers dated 1922. Figures identified by donor's brother Howard Thompson who recorded tape for collection, RC76_2. Bottom row left to right: William Selzner (brother of Eva Selzner Thompson, married to Howard Thompson), William Schwarting, Alma Schwarting, Frankie Hicks, Anna Kalinsky, Charlie Starke, Kalinsky, Frankie Kalinsky, Margaret Hicks. Second row:Earl Klug,, Marie West, , Helen Hicks,Third row: Alfred Miller, George Miller,George Ludwig, Henry Miller, Alfred Moore, , David Wicks, teacher Miss Charlotte Loveland. Top Row: Teacher, Miss Lucille Loveland, Donald Goodrich, Sparke, Howard Thompson, Eleanor McGarty
Upper grades, 5th through 8th, of Plainedge school, dated 1927. Front row left to right: Charles Hicks, Robert Starke, Henry Wicks, Harry Reilly, Elizabeth Botsch, 1, Margaret Hicks, Alma Schwarting, Marie West, Helen Hicks. Second row: Charles Starke, Tommy Goodrich, John McGarty, William Selzner, Henry Schwarting, Walter Miller, Alfred Miller, George Ludwig, Henry Schwartzfeger, Fred, Frankie Hicks, William Sparke, George Miller, Alez Massaro. Top row left: William Wicks, Howard Thompson.
Students and teacher, Mr. Van Cott, of Plainedge school, grouped in front of one room school, date unknown, but thought to be circa 1900. Fortyseven students in photo, ranging from first to eigth grade.
Plainedge school fall 1953, 4th grade PM session. School was on split session. Teacher, Marie West Watt retired Dec. 1953 to have family. Memoir noted on back of photo.
John H. West school, spring, 1950-51, grade 3,teacher is Marie A. West Watt, donor of photo. Twenty students in early spring, about 30 by June.
Plainedge school, graduation day June 1949. Students graduated from 5th grade and attended 6th grade in Farmingdale.  his was last class to graduate from the "Old Plainedge School," 13 students in photo, 6 girls, 7 boys.
Plainedge school graduation day 6/49. Photo taken indoors in front of Plainedge '49ers banner
Plainedge school graduation day 6/49. Six female graduates, in outdoor photo, in front of old schoolhouse.
Plainedge school graduation 6/49. Seven male graduates, in outdoor photo, in front of old schoolhouse. .
Plainedge school, 1946-1947, grades 3-5. First row: Barbara Horvath, Amy Schwarting, Joan Garguilo, Theresa Ramputi, Mary Ann Garguilo, Edith Haugen, Carol Sauers. Second row: Vincent Scanelli, James Picken, unidentifeid, Rosemary unidentifeid , Norma Miller, Bill Graves, Gerald Moore.  Third row: John Allen Rankin, Robert Morris, Donald unidentifeid, Alfred Moore, Edward Yankee, Charles Riker, Allan Mikol, Arthur Moore, unrelated to Alfred.
Plainedge school dated about 1926-27, the upper grades 5-8. Taught by Miss Frances Conners, rather "typical" old maid country school teacher, who was well read and smart. Grade is noted by number following name. Front row: Mary Scielo 6, Marie West 5, Alma Schwarting 5, Elizabeth Botsch 5, Margaret Hicks 6, Henry Schwartzfeger no grade, Charles Hicks no grade, Donald Goodrich 5, Robert Starke 6, Charles Starke 7. Back row: William Sparke 6, David Wicks 6, Alfred and George Miller, twins 6, John Thompson 7, Henry Miller 8, Alfred Moore 8, Fred Hankin 7, Buddy Calvert 7, Irving Eels 7, George Ludwig 6.
Plainedge School, the lower grades, dated about 1926. Copy 1. Grades- 4 taught by Miss Rose Axson, a lively teacher who played piano well. She shared living quarters with Miss Frances Conners who taught grades 5-8. Front row: Frank Wicks, Bernard Schwarting, unidentifeid Wicks, Ed Snyder, unidentifeid, Billy Thompson, unidentifeid Snyder, Harold Sparke. Second row: Helen Hicks, Harriet West, unidentifeid, unidentifeid Yankee, Doris Schwartzfeger, Marion McGrath, Elizabeth Starke, Emily and Gertrude Botsch. Third row: Billy Wicks, Eddie Starke, Patsy Scielo, unidentifeid, Walter Miller, William Selsner, teacher Rose Axson, Alexander Navarro, Henry Schwarting, Ruth Thompson, Madelein Schuman, Selma Yankee. Memoir noted on back of photo.
Plainedge school, dated 1925. Lower grades taught by Miss Rose Axson. Front row: Henry Schwarting (cousin of Marie Watts, donor of photo), Harold Sparke, Alfred Miller, Dorothy Schwartzfeger, Alfred Cobb, Caroline Cobb, Margaret Hicks, unidentifeid, Marion McGrath.  Second row: Marie West, Robert Starke, Frank Hicks, teacher Miss Rose Axson, George Miller, William Schwarting,unidentifeid Hicks, Edward S. unidentifeid, Billy Cobb. Third row:  Alma Schwarting, Madelein Schuman, unidentifeid Hicks, Donald Goodrich, Laura Cobb, Harry Reily, Ruth Thompson. Fourth row: Walter Miller, Selma Yankee, Willie Wicks, unidentifeid, William Sparke, Emily Calvert, Harriet West.
Plainedge school spring 1948, Grades K-5, the whole school, 48 pupils and 2 teachers. Mrs. Francis Allen taught grades K-2, and Mrs. William Watt (Marie A. Watt, nee West) taught 3-5

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