Truck float representing Plainedge P.T.A., in Centennial parade, Oct. 15, 1949
Cake (100th Anniversary - School)
Plainedge School Centennial Celebration October 15, 1949. Audience at ceremonies outside the 2 room Plainedge schoolhouse.
Iris Gibbs (Centennial Celebration)
Geoffrey Gibbs (School Centennial Celebration)
Alonzo Gibbs (100th Anniversary - School)
Wagon Float (100th Anniversary - School; school in background)
Stagecoach Float (100th Anniversary - School; Horses borrowed from State School, Farm)
Front view of Wagon Float (100th Anniversary - School)
Plainedge Centennial 1949 (some persons were identified in James Picken Interview.)
Centennial parade, dated 10/15/49. Twirlers.
Centennial parade, dated 10/15/49. 4H float.
Plainedge Centennial parade, dated 10/15/49. 4H float.
Same wagon noted in P76-21, October 15, 1949.
Truck float representing Plainedge Methodist Church, Centennial parade, Oct. 15, 1949.
Centennial parade, dated 10/15/49. Cake float.
Cardboard cake, "Plainedge 100 Years," borrowed from Hicksville Lutheran Church, and redecorated for Plainedge Centennial
Ruth and Ben Mohlenhoff in costumes for Centennial celebration, October 15, 1949, in schoolroom of Plainedge school. Mr. Mohlenhoff was town crier, andtheir reminiscences of event are taped for* collection RC761
Centennial, October 15, 1949, in classroom of Plainedge school. Costumed figures left to right: unidentified woman, Helen Roode, Ruth Mohlenhoff.
Centennial Parade float, October 15, 1949. Left to right are Whaley, Ruth Mohlenhoff, Wahlers, Helen Roode, Frances Garrett, Theresa Whitney. Children unidentified.

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