What do YOU want to see in YOUR library?
Our second community meeting is quickly approaching. The first was a huge success. We heard so many wonderful ideas and suggestions for what the community is looking for in a library and what they hope to see. Here are some of the ideas that came out of our first meeting and subsequent conversations:

  • Libraries are community centers. We connect people to information as well as connecting people to people. We need to have a larger meeting room, and smaller quiet rooms to have the programs that we want to provide.
  • Libraries are places for children – whether it’s for parents to meet when their kids are babies, story hours for toddlers, or for games, toys, learning or programs. Our Children’s Room is a very busy place! We’d like a Children’s Room that offers that ‘wow’ factor and includes the space and facilities that our families deserve.
  • Libraries give teens a place to go, and to gather, with friendly, understanding staff, plus the books and materials that they need and want. Our teens need more than a small corner of the Library. They need a dedicated space.
  • Libraries bridge the ‘digital divide.’ We offer computers and technology to allow our entire community to stay engaged in a digital world.
  • Libraries provide access to every age, income level, and stage of life. Plainedge is a school district, but more than 50% of our district doesn’t have children in school. We need to offer something for everyone.

Please join us for further conversation and refreshments in the Library on May 25th at 7:30 p.m. Our Board and design team of architects will be here, and we would love to hear from you! They will be taking notes, so they can design the library that the Plainedge community wants and needs. We want to hear your ideas on how we can modernize (reimagine) our 1960s building, to be the library you've always wanted!

Please RSVP to Michele Lipson, Director at mlipson@plainedgelibrary.org. We hope to see you there!
Plainedge Public Library | Phone: 516-735-4133

Wireless Printing (Papercut)

Wireless Printing by Papercut

Plainedge Public Library currently offers an option for our patrons to print wirelessly from their devices when they are within our building. Please follow these steps to print out from your device:

First time wirelessly printing and you have no account:

  1. Connect your device to our wifi network Library Main (Optimum) [No Password Required]

  2. The following step won't work unless you're hooked up to the wireless network Library Main (Optimum).
  3. Type in or click this link http://nuc-papercut/
  4. Type in or scan your barcode into the barcode field
  5. Click Create Account
  6. Save this password or return to here and create your own password
  7. Software needed:
    • For IOS Devices (iPhone/iPad): No App Is Needed
    • For Android Devices (Samsung/Google/LTE etc): Install the Mobility Print Papercut App from the device's Play Store
    • For Windows Devices: Use the key combination ⊞Win+R and run \\\client\installs\pc to install the app
    • For Macs: Start terminal and run \\\client\installs\mac to install the app
    • For Linux: Start terminal and run \\\client\installs\linux to install the app
  8. Open the page or document you'd like printed on your device
  9. For Phones and Tablets: Click the share icon
  10. Click Print
  11. If given a choice of printers choose HP277Papercut.
  12. Click options and set it to black and white (if you desire which is only 10 cents/page)
  13. For Phones and Tablets: Click printer and choose "Plainedge Wireless Printer"
  14. If you believe you don't have enough credit in your account choose Add Credit
  15. Fill in your barcode as your username and the password that was assigned to you (or your new password if you created one)
  16. Click print

Each following day, after you created an account:

  1. Connect your device to our wifi network Library Main (Optimum) [No Password Required]
  2. Open the page or document you'd like printed on your device
  3. Click the share icon
  4. Click print
  5. Click options and set it to black and white (if you desire which is only 10 cents/page)
  6. Click printer and choose "Plainedge Wireless Printer"
  7. Click print

Job Listings (Nassau County Civil Service)

Job Listings Nassau County Civil Service

The following jobs are currently listed on the Nassau County Civil Service Website. Please visit Nassau County Civil Service for an up to date list or questions.


21332 Info Tech Aide II Comm

21335 Info Tech Aide I Comm

60-108 Code Enforcement Inspector, Bilingual (Spanish) Comm

61-108 Code Enforcement Inspector Comm

66-807 Deputy Superintendent of Building Division Comm

Nassau County 06-05-2021 Exam Bulletin with 04_2021 Information Technology_ Special Exams Program


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Job Resources (Nassau County Civil Service)

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