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At time of publishing we have access to the following databases:
Academic OneFile
Agriculture Collection
Business Economics and Theory
Custom Newspapers
Communications and Mass Media Collection
Computer Database
Diversity Studies Collection
Gale Virtual Reference Library
Criminal Justice Collection
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Issues Collection
Culinary Arts Collection
New York State Newspapers
General Science Collection
Scribner Writers Online
Information Science & Library Issues Collection
Insurance & Liability Collection
Diversity Studies Collection
Environmental Studies and Policy Collection
Expanded Academic ASAP
Fine Arts and Music Collection
Military and Intelligence Collection
Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Collection
Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture Collection
Gender Studies Collection
Religion & Philosophy Collection
General OneFile
General Science Collection
Small Business Collection
Vocations, Careers & Technical Education Collection
War & Terrorism Collection
World History Collection
Health Reference Center Academic
Home Improvement Collection
Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Collection
Information Science and Library Issues Collection
InfoTrac Newsstand
Insurance and Liability Collection
Military and Intelligence Database
Nursing and Allied Health Collection
Opposing Viewpoints In Context
Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Collection
Pop Culture Collection
Popular Magazines
Psychology Collection
Religion and Philosophy Collection
Small Business Collection
U.S. History Collection
Vocations and Careers Collection
War and Terrorism Collection
World History Collection
Business Collection
Science In Context
U.S. History In Context
World History In Context
Educator's Reference Complete
Informe Académico
Biography In Context
Gale Literary Sources
Literature Resource Center - LRC
Biography and Genealogy Master Index
Business Insights: Essentials
Literature Criticism Online
Something About the Author Online
Kids InfoBits
Research In Context
Health & Wellness Resource Center